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Nanu Berks is a published author and a motivational speaker advocating for entrepreneurship as a spiritual path through creativity. She has worked with startups, and world-renowned companies, helping them re-align to their audiences as the times evolve. See her working portfolio here.


– The Art of U – From one Creative to Another

– Bilingual Poetry Book – The Sacred and The Silly

– Living Nomadic for a Decade Book – The Backpacker Evangelists

– Steemit – Blockchain Art Adventures

– High Times – Contributing Writer – Festivals and Medical Marijuana 

– Sana Hemp – Technical Cannabis Writing

– Estro Haze – Healing Cannabis and Minorities

– Quaker Oats – Spanish Content, Storytelling

– Kiss From The World – Travel, Adventure, Backpacking

– Science Naturally –  English/Spanish Translations

– Blog Below – Lifestyle, Health, Spiritual, Creative Writing






Art Life – Pretty Nightmares :)

Art Life – Pretty Nightmares 🙂

Reconnecting with my raw-art expression by sketching my deepest trauma has been.. interesting, to say the least. Some drawings are horrifying, like some below, others are "pretty and neat" versions, outlines of the insanity that goes on in my subconscious. This one in...

Latest Art, Decentralization, Healing Journey

Latest Art, Decentralization, Healing Journey

In order to spend less time online and more time in real life, I am detangling from social media. Im also bored of playing the big data monopoly game and would like to own more of my own art exclusively, (crazy to even have to say that) so moving my content to my...



(clues for the EOS Treasure Hunt at the end of article if you'd like to skip ahead) One of the things I love most about online art communities is how playful things can get. In a world where art has become often elitist corrupted and honestly boring, it is very...

To the little machine in my pocket:

To the little machine in my pocket:

Thank you for hodling my photos, coins, and memories, Reminders that ping, make me cringe when they are tasks, but often they are texts, and those make me laugh. Sometimes friends send emojis and gifs, sometimes a dk pic id rather not see, all in all lil machine u...

Bye Bye Blockchain?

Bye Bye Blockchain?

Bye Bye Blockchain !? Grandparents, Atari, and the bird on your window. The ORIGINAL design you were coded with. As an artist advocating for transcendental and human optimization tech, I get the opportunity to see many tech-art projects appear, evolve, and collapse...