A lot of people think that decentralization means disconnection, or breaking apart. But it actually means coming together… Decentralization means taking the power away from people at the top and giving at least a voice to everybody else. – From the Humas of Bitcoin Podcast 🙂 – https://podcast.bitcoin.com/e33-What-is-Crypto-Art

To me, creativity and connection with people are very decentralized. I really believe that everything that we’re meant to do and everything that is useful for us is collaborative, which means each person has a piece, a role, a moment in time, this is all decentralization.

One of the main reasons that I want to paint murals that are massive and that the community has free access to is because that will pique peoples’ curiosity to maybe read a little bit about it and to get educated on what it means. If they see the “B” for “Bitcoin” enough times… maybe eventually that exposure would prompt people to Google what it is. It’s free art, and it’s there for the communities, and it can be beautiful. It’s not necessarily branded by any one brand or corporation. So it is all about staying connected and being empowered through self-education. – From the Interview with The Crypto Show – https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/the-crypto-show-nanu-berks-john-bushe-the-art-of-trash

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I love cryptocurrency, but blockchain is definitely the thing that matters most to me. To be honest, I did connect with crypto art initially to make money, in addition to already having an interest in decentralization at large, yes, cryptocurrency gigs paid better than other gigs, and I was tired of being broke, empty pockets and broken soul, but the more I got involved, the more I begun reading and conecting, the more I realized that all of you in this space are actually the people I want to be around every day, the inspiration I had been looking for, the support and understanding of how valuable this movement is and how art can be the link between all of it.

I loveeeee the 33% rule, spend 33% of your time around people that inspire you, 33 with people you help lift and evolve and 33 with your peers and then that 1 percent is gone in the ether of transitional transactions, or maybe it becomes an entire lifetime bubble in the 7th dimension who knows.

There is a lot i don’t know but this is what I have learned after 10 years of working as a pr/branding advisor, marketing, content creator, full-time artists, backpacking for 14 years, being a hippie-corporate bridge and immersing myself fully in this crypto evolution with the coolest kids on the blockchain – pr branding links here – https://www.nanuberks.com/

1 – Bitcoin and coin conferences are great, but after co-producing https://cryptopsychedelic.com/ and attending https://anarchapulco.com/ it is crystal clear to me that people want more.

There is only so much time we can spend sitting down listening to mindblowing people talk about this movement, we need decompressing time and creative escapades to center back and focus on the thing.

2 – Blockchain events are bad at providing these creative experiences and this is a beautiful thing!

This is where creatives and artist come in to handle this for you. Each person can support with their own form of energetic flow, for some is capital of currency, for some is time, and others is creating immersive experiences for conference atendees.

3 – Nobody knows wtf they are doing, myself included, yet simultaneously we are brilliantly well aware.

What I mean by we don’t know is that the containers are not rigid, and this is also a beautiful thing, we get to explore with elasticity and neuroplasticity.

4 – I want to bring experiences such as http://www.existfestival.com/ into all of these blockchain conferences and events. I would love to collaborate with a few brands and set up an experience lounge at these places with vr and ar art projects so conference organizers don’t have to worry about this aspect of the event.

So much energy is wasted when everyone tries to individually do it all, I know because for the last year I have been trying to document, vlogg, host meetups, art events, crypto art festivals, attend to all events in the circuit, and I know so many of you are also spreading yourselves too thin doing it all at once. I hope through these posts and this community, we can continue to connect and co-create, and take care of ourselves freeying up some time so we can all catch our breath.

We are doing good so far tribe!! growin pains, as always, I am honored to be a part of this and here to co-create.

I was excited to start vlogging again about this topic to connect with the others but Youtube demonetizes everything as soon as you tag crypto, it also hides your videos just like fb, so moving to dtube and steemit for good!

Feeling thankful for this community!

I would love to turn these blogs into a full documentary series about crypto art, blockchain art and how we can use blockchain as a vehicle for change through all the artists eager to create beautiful experiences. Artists make content and have time, provided there is funding, it makes no sense for a non-creative to produce content and a creative who dislikes programming to create their own website, this just brings forth frustration. There are so many great projects out there and we need all of them! all the content, all the info, all the documentaries.

So many times I feel a market I am in is over saturated, and then I remember, we are still pioneering this thing! Yes competition is great and useful for growth but in this blockchain art movement I believe we are still at the point where collaboration is most efficient.

If you know of others interested please tag and share so we can collaborate on these projects. Or do whatever you want you are a free human! 🙂 we are on our way there at least 🙂 Thanks for reading, much love!


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