FCK EXPOSURE. A tough-love letter from a full-time creative to another

The way to an Equal Value Exchange

Sharing things I wish someone told me as a full-time artist. Applies to all creatives living from their calling.


Re-defining Value

Re-defining value, eliminating empty exposure promises that lead nowhere, and creating an equal value exchange that empowers all of us to live a healthy life-work balance, starts with individual awareness into action, and it takes all of us to shift permanently.


Whether you are a creative writer, painter, digital nomad, entrepreneur, or working a 9-5, this quick guide will serve as a perspective point and aligning format to shed light on systems that work for us and some that might block us, so we can heighten creativity, reduce stress, and focus on building our business in a way that serves our life-balance.

This is a compilation of information from about 6 years of building my own brand and business in non-traditional ways, working system loopholes and figuring out what works, vs what “ops” are best left alone.

I wrote this because while typical “success” stories are always useful, I wish I could read more experiences from other creatives who are thriving daily yet still in the middle, still in the process of discovery, and closer to simple everyday issues that we experience while we are still figuring it all out.

I hope this helps your productivity in simple attainable ways and may the sacred and the silly carry us to peace of heart and mind.

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