P  R  E  S  S


Miami ART BASEL – Speaker & Art Show

Washington Elite AI and Blockchain Conference Speaker & Art Auction 

Anarchaportugal – Speaker, Interactive Art Installation Portal

Castle Gathering – Interactive Art Installation Portal

Crypto House NYC – Art Showcase

Consensus NYC – Blockchain Art Movement

Polytechnic University Hong Kong – Consciousness Research / Art Installation projects 

Capitalism 2050 – Speaker

Global Economic Forum – Interviews

Token Fest – Live Artist

Crypto Psychedelic – Co-producer / Art Director / Live Artist

North American BTC Conference Miami, 2018 –Organized Crypto VR Art After Party &Live Painted RV

ATX Bitcoin Conference Afterparty – Organized and Live Painted

Cannabis Connection, 2017 – Organized Networking Event

ARCview Austin, 2017 – Provided Cross-cultural Research  

Conscious Media, 2017 – Co-created Synergies

MIT Media Lab Annual Conference, Boston, 2014 – Organized Networking Event

Java One, San Francisco, 2013 – Represented ZeroTurnaround 

Novartis Biomedical Scientific Retreat, Cape Cod, 2012 – Organized Conference