Feeling honored with a fuzzy warm heart after a magical weekend at the castle! connecting with new and old friends has been truly amazing. this time of regeneration and sharing of our motivations to grow together combining ancient, and new techs, for our higher evolution, and reconnecting of our senses in every way, has been a breath of fresh air, using blockchain as the vehicle for change, creating ai’s for good, yet focusing on true human interaction.
we got to the castle with enough cash flow to book a little place in the mountains and get some groceries, took an online gig to fund the renting of a small car for a few days to get to a from the castle and had enough bank balance to either fly home after the gathering or continue to portugal, where i am invited to make the next art installation at anarchaportugal.com

we decided to go onward, and so now here in barcelona, and heading to portugal tomorrow. it is wild trusting the universal flow and knowing i live a healthy abundant life even if my banks dont reflect this. the life of a transcendental artist im learning, is being art at all times, regardless of how it happens.

i had fears that no one would get what the art installation was about, or that it wouldn’t be enough, for the calibre of the event, but all of these thoughts were noise, i put my heart soul and intention into creating a simple experience for people that would enhance their present moment awareness, i wished that it would bring them joy and kid like play as they walked though, as a mini ritual to step into the moment, and this is exactly what happened.

it felt so good to see poeple’s faces light up as they set their intentions and walked through the portal of their own magical imagic-nation. the event was beautiful and i was reminded of my worth in just showing up as i am.

i remember years ago feeling less worthy or less useful based on my income or my entrepreneurship status, it feels great knowing that even if noise pops into my head, i can now observe those thoughts from afar and still step into free flow creation from a place of love and gratitude, as an offering, simply out of fun and creativity. it feels so good knowing i am able and we are all able to transmute how we see ourselves in the world, knowing our shining souls and true purpose are beautiful, and that we have much to offer! how boring would this world be if we were all “successful” by the same definition, if al of us had billions of dollars and hefty companies and lacked richness of creativity and compassion, thankfully this consciousness tech art tribe has abundance of these all, and i am grateful for being here now.

  • there is a second video on youtube following this one the day after 🙂 –

lots of photos on the gram 🙂 also


thank u for reading! whats the installation of your dreams?

much love!