We make Art to store our memories and design who we become, art is the soul language of evolution”
– Nanu Berks

Originally from Argentina, always nomadic, currently designing art experiences that explore the intersections between consciousness expansion and transcendental technologies. 

Nanu is a multidimensional artist with a background in Social/Tech/AI/Communication, and enjoys sharing information about planet-positive technology through wearable art, fine art, street art, and art installations.

Ask her about color mind & body maps, and 5 senses social experiments.

Find out the latest news, art exhibitions and life adventures on her blog.

Art is the soul language of all movements

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Latest Feature in Forbes

 “Re-Defining Value, Art, and The Internet of Money”

“Blockchain Technology Has Inspired An Entire Crypto-Themed Artwork Movement”

“Crypto And Art Come Together To Raise Money For Charity At Washington Elite”

Crypto, art and charity. What may once have seemed like an unlikely trio are coming together to help raise money for charitable causes.

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Adventure Journal



(clues for the EOS Treasure Hunt at the end of article if you'd like to skip ahead) One of the things I love most about online art communities is how playful things can get. In a world where art has become often elitist corrupted and honestly boring, it is very...

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To the little machine in my pocket:

To the little machine in my pocket:

Thank you for hodling my photos, coins, and memories, Reminders that ping, make me cringe when they are tasks, but often they are texts, and those make me laugh. Sometimes friends send emojis and gifs, sometimes a dk pic id rather not see, all in all lil machine u...

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