Crypto art is an art movement based on the symbology and ethos of cryptocurrencies, but mostly about the underlying technologies for decentralization like blockchain.

After the collapse of the economic system in Argentina that left us on the street, I traveled endlessly, painting any and all walls I could find. I remember in 2012 by the Chichen Pyramids in Mexico, a stranger saw me drawing a mural concept and began explaining to me why Bitcoin had the same value systems as my—at that time—”living on the fringe outside of tech and money” lifestyle.

     He was right. I stood for decentralization, innovation, and planet-positive tech that aids with consciousness expansion and regenerative initiatives. I just wasn’t aware of the language and tech systems that empowered these ideas.
       It is safe to say that from that moment on, I happily traveled into the rabbit hole of blockchains and by 2016 I found myself live-painting and creating BTC art in the conference circuit. There were a few other women starting to show up in the intersection of arts and tech at this time, but it was very rare to see women at all in these places.
       As a consecuente this art is the pure expression of a wild cosmic fog of world-wide traveling, activism, partying, risk-taking, and discovery. From the perspective of being one of few women in the space— all off the pieces show this emotionally and energetically fast paced – even aggressive — fabric of creation in the core of one of – or the biggest – social, technological & humanitarian evolution.

       Each drop is a highlight, a moment in time where the art I am channeling, showing the reborn of this rare moment in history. I am a part of this movement and that is beyond my control and it absolutely serves a purpose.
     I believe that this art made during the first 10 years of bitcoin will be in museums and history books one day. As well as much of the art that will be created in the next few decades as we transition into an integrated reality of several multiverses of physical and ethereal realms.

Nanu Berks NFT Consulting

Build profitable, Holistic, NFT marketing campaigns with Nanu Berks.

   – Consulted for 50+ NFT platforms and projects since 2017

   – 15 years of experience in fine art sales

   – 10 years in blockchain and defi

   – 7 years building marketing systems for cryptoart.

      This NFT space has its own language, the cryptoart family is small, and there are several lines of thought regarding the values and functionalities of NFTs.

  I help projects come up with marketing strategies that make sense for their brand, while integrating into the NFT community as part of the family not as an outsider. 90% of projects make the same mistakes in the first month while onboarding artists and deciding on the minting structure.

  I help teams stay on top of the true community ethos, to avoid hitting any sensitive triggers of the moment, as these topics shift almost daily.

I Can also help you:

   – Identify influencers for the campaigns

   – Identify the right artists for your project

   – Choose the right minting platform

   – Connect with major NFT and crypto events

   – Advocate for the project as a trusted knowledgable leader in the space


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