A bit on Nanu Berks’ background.  Feel free to scroll further down to jump right into the NFT Consulting part if you wish.

NFTs are technological structures to help re-define value and how we interact with it online, in Web3 and in the real world. 

I fell in love with NFTs via the CryptoArt movement, which I am grateful to be a part of since 2014. 

Before CryptoArt I came across Bitcoin in 2012, and the potential of blockchain technology to help better distribute resources, voices, and power, as we evolve into a more conscious and loving economic system that aligns with our planet and our human family. 

CryptoArt – an art movement that began based on the symbology and ethos of cryptocurrencies, empowering the underlying technologies for decentralization like blockchain. NFTs were created during this movement.

NFTs – smart contracts, utility tokens, unlimited potential. A wave of mass adoption of blockchain technology via the renaissance of ART, its value, and the monetization of the creator economy.

After the collapse of the economic system in Argentina that left my family and I on the street, I traveled endlessly, painting any and all walls I could find. I remember in 2012 by the Chichen Itza Pyramids in Mexico, a stranger saw me drawing a mural concept and began explaining to me why Bitcoin had the same value systems as my—at that time—”living on the fringe outside of tech and money” lifestyle.

They were right. I stood for decentralization, innovation, and planet-positive tech that aids with consciousness expansion and regenerative initiatives. I just wasn’t aware of the language and tech systems that empowered these ideas.

It is safe to say that from that moment on, I happily traveled into the rabbit hole of blockchains and by 2016 I found myself live-painting and creating BTC art in the conference circuit all over the globe.

My career has since then evolved into all things interactive art and architecting of art systems. I have had the rare opportunity to experience and help build some of the earliest NFT platforms from the artist perspective, and now with our own teams we get to help structure and guide global projects across various fields on their on-boarding of this beautiful technology. 

The art that channels through me is the pure expression of a wild cosmic moment in time, and I am so grateful to be able to visually share little windows into this movement. I love this community of creatives, travelers, activists, playful risk-takers, solution oriented humans I get to grow and learn with. 



We believe NFT consulting and NFT Architecting are different things. Consulting is a great start, however, architecting a long term sustainable and profitable strategy that elevates parts of your business you might have not even considered, is a more successful approach. 

We focus on creating well-rounded strategies that are sustainable long term. Our values are grounded in working with transparent and trusted teams, wise friends, that have been in the industry for 10+ years, as well as collaborating with the wonderful fresh energy and innovation that is now pouring into the industry with the creator economy. 

Profitability is important but longevity and thriving longterm only happen if the foundations are flawless. We choose to work well, slower, with attention to detail, and happy to “pass” on the current “hype” We know by experience that opportunities are everywhere and always being born, and that if we focus on life-work balance and finding win win intersections, the results are better 100% of the time.

   – Consulted for 50+ NFT platforms and projects since 2017 – (most of them fail for the same 2 mistakes that we can help you identify and shift before you go to market)

   – 10 years of experience in fine art and rare asset sales – ( via global interactive art installations / metaverse / AR / VR / major Art fairs and Tech/DeFi / Transformational conferences)

   – 10 years in blockchain and DeFi – ( Projects at Davos Forums, BTC Conferences, Future of Pharma and Wholistic Plant Integrations, AI, Nanotech,  HealingArts Events)

   – 7 years building marketing systems for CryptoArt and NFTs ( we are part of vibrant online and in-person communities of innovative marketers, muralists, influencers, mixed media artists, musicians, sculptors, sound engineers, designers, each with their own expansion and outreach)

This NFT space has its own language, the CryptoArt family is small, and there are several lines of thought regarding the values and functionalities of NFTs as smart-contracts with their tokenomics.

We help projects come up with marketing strategies that make sense for their brand, while integrating into the NFT community as part of the family not as an outsider. 90% of projects make the same mistakes in the first month while on-boarding artists and deciding on their minting structures.

We help teams stay on top of true community ethos, to avoid hitting any sensitive triggers of the moment, as these topics shift almost daily.

We Can also help you:


   – Avoid PR Nightmares and be nice to our planet by staying on top of greenest NFT Minting Options

   – Identify influencers for the campaigns

   – Identify the right artists for your project

   – Choose the right minting platforms

   – Connect with major NFT and crypto events

   – Advocate for the project as trusted knowledgable leaders in the space

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