NANU BERKS is an early co-founder of the Cryptoart movement since 2014, creating her first NFTs around 2016, selling her first physical NFC NFT integrated piece in 2017 for over 14 ETH.

Nanu is originally from Argentina, her and her family lost all of their life savings over night due to the banks closing down and stealing the peoples’ money in 02. This personal experience is part of why Berks’ graffiti art became a tool to advocate for decentralization and better systems for the creator economy.

Each piece is a highlight, a moment in time where the art channelled through me acts as a time capsule of this rare time in history.

“I believe that this art made during the first 10 years of bitcoin will be in museums and history books one day. As well as much of the art that will be created in the next few decades as we transition into an integrated reality of several multiverses of physical and ethereal realms” – Nanu Berks

Nanu Berks’ donates a percentage from all of her projects to planet positive causes. Currently empowering: minority groups through education and art monetization coaching, gathering funds for natural disaster relief efforts in several places around the globe, donating art to help raise funds for wild animal environmental conservation.

Find out more about these campaigns and the art by reading the descriptions of the NFTs below.



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