If you could see your emotions, thoughts and memories in colors, shapes, and symbols, how would you use this information? 

If you could see an x-ray of your emotional impact on your muscles, tendons, arteries and bones, how would your relationship to your health and habits shift? 

These interactive channeling transmissions help us clarify and remember specific keys to get back to a state of balance. 

Through drawings, energy work, and short guided breathing meditations, I offer myself as a channel to assist in the healing that wants to take place. 

All of us have the capacity to engage in self-optimization practices. We can improve our physical body using kinetic energy, our emotional body with reiki, or other light work, our mental space with meditation—there are endless combinations and they are all related.

My intention for these readings is that we both co-create an experience of trust and creative exploration.

I am not here to heal you. I can only help guide you with the tools I’ve accumulated in the last 10 years of my own journey back into alignment. 

Like many of us answering the call to a more balanced state of existence, I have also survived a number of physical and emotional traumas, including many surgeries and re-learning how to walk after a literal death and resurrection experience. I have since healed my own ptsd, morphine addiction, many other old patterns of transferable addictive coping mechanisms from eating disorders to nail-bitting, stress induced habits from smoking to escaping into workaholism, and even other extremes of deep depression suicide attempts and the list goes on.. all of which I am now free from.

Since then, my light-work has become a much bigger part of my life, and I am honored to be a part of your self-empowering in any way possible.

My favorite tools are combinations of reiki, somatic support, boundaries play, sound journeys and creative discovery.


• Reiki I & II


• Sound Healing

• Somatic Body Work

• Boundaries and PTSD Counseling

Sessions in English and in Spanish

Testimonials & drawings from sessions below: 

My session with Nanu was honestly one of the most profound healings I’ve received. We covered a lot in the one hour and traversed many planes, I could feel the relief in my body and energetic system. She brings to the healing a depth of genuine compassion and care, but most importantly (for me) she truly brings her uniqueness and artistic flow to the session.

Simply being in the space that was created was healing on many levels. It felt a bit like a work of art was unfolding – its was an experience that was free and open, but smooth and harmonic – like an open exploration within the inner realms, but with a really gentle, nurturing, playful tour guide. I was able to really feel the emotionality of the arising topics as the space was so full of light and compassion.

The session has stuck with me and in remembrance – continues to bring a sense of reassurance and relief as I navigate the bumpy roads.

Can definitely recommend.

Marcus Smith

Architect, Australia

Working with Nanu has completely changed my life. Even via WhatsApp she was able to completely tap into my energy and help me figure out my creative path, and gave me the tools to believe that I can be whatever I want to be! Thank you Nanu for all that you do for humanity! The world needs you!!

Sue Vee

Musician, Boston

Nanu is an experienced facilitator, a gifted channel, an incredible healer, and brilliant artist. Her color map sessions have identified energetic blocks, repressed memories and glimpses into the future while providing clarity and profound opportunities for healing. Every session is unique, incorporating a mix of sound, movement, breathwork, and reflection. I highly recommend a session for anyone looking for insight into the unknown.

Sang Koo

Entrepreneur, Bali

Nanu is a philosopher with a paintbrush, translating the soul of a concept onto her canvas in a way that is both abstract and deeply insightful. Her art inspires a shift in perspective that is life changing. I have two of Nanu’s works hanging in my home and they are catalysts for some of my favorite conversations with guests.

Danielle Sunberg

Reiki Master & Transformational Coach, Austin

I was blown away by my sessions with Nanu. She has a gift and brings authenticity and genuine healing intent to compliment her great knowledge and skills. My sessions loosened up blocked energies, opened my heart to self love, and blew me away by their accuracy and relevancy to my life, even as we worked together from 10,000 miles apart.

David Cooch

Social Entrepreneur, Boston

Nanu is an incredible guide and friend, and one of the most intuitive and connected people I know. She is deeply centered in truth and compassion, and whenever I find myself questioning, lost or suffering, speaking and working with her allows me to more quickly and deeply connect to the part of myself that already has the answers I seek. She doesn’t just hear, but really listens to your spirit’s yearning, and supports you in finding your way back to yourself, with patience, understanding and unconditional love.

Jessica Zartler


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To book a session, email info@nanuberks.com