Book these flowshops at: 

Freestyle Rap Sessions

Mind-hack your brain and heart into your own spontaneous freestyle flow in 15 minutes. Group and individual playshops.

Speaking Ops

Book me to speak about: Art as the soul language for the mass adoption of blockchain tech, Entrepreneurship as a vehicle for transformation, Retrieving ancient keys of your creative flow, Crypto Cultural Creation, and specially designed interactive masterminds.

Mind - Body Color Maps

If you could see your emotions, thoughts, memories, and manifestations in colors, shapes, and symbols, how would you use this information? These interactive channeling transmissions help us clarify and remember specific keys to get back to a state of balance.

Interactive Art Installations

Experiential Learning is the best way to sediment new information, whether it is brand recognition or ritualistic ethos for your event, setting an art portal allows for 5 senses explorations and integrations of your message to your audience.

Time-Capsule Interactive Murals

Masterminds and Conferences need decompression time, it is often during downtime, that we encounter the most amount of magic and synchronicity. With these collective murals, we can take breaks while free-flow drawing or painting on walls and canvases, walking away with a visual time-capsule of the group’s consciousness experience.

Comissioned Fine Art and Murals

Murals are really fun! I also love painting cars, boats, creating pieces for your clients or personal loved ones as a gift, company gratitude expressions, and anything else we dream of.