Looking out at pure magic in Ubud at Indus Cafe

In order to spend less time online and more time in real life, I am detangling from social media. Im also bored of playing the big data monopoly game and would like to own more of my own art exclusively, (crazy to even have to say that) so moving my content to my website.

If you have seen some of my #blockchainart or #cryptoart and my motives behind supporting such movement, the above mentiomned is part of why I believe in #decentralization.

I remember when posting online early on in places like myspace, we had no real format, we could add shinning stickers in the middle of a side-bar mid paragrpah non-sensical it was great! the chaos itself showed each personality, it was really “our space” it was mostly fun and creative, now with all this “instagram look” and metrics to keep track of, everyone’s art ends up feeling corupted, its like the real shine of the raw emotions fromt he photos or drawings are masked by the boring clean format that yelds most views, that annoys me. it makes it hard to connect to the actual art.

I loved ig because it was a fun way to keep an online efficinet immortal diary, while sharing some of my art with other wonderful people, but now my feed gets hidden because my views on decentralization go against ig’s business model, and thats not freedom of opinion, thats no longer my true expression in true connection with others, thats a muted version of me shared with a very small selection of people based on algorithms that are designed to minimize my exposure so that I choose to pay for their services.

nothing against good business strategies, but i believe there are more wholesome ways to benefit from people’s attention, content and data. some of these ways (where the users also benefit direcly) can be seen in #tokenization models.

as i type this i realize that im annoyed by the neatness and boxy-ness nature of these paragraphs so i will stop typing and move on to photos soon.

– just because its relevant for the above mentioned:

my obsessions include, but not limited to:

e.e. cummings (destroyed all sense of grammar and made it possible for poetry and letters to be fun again, refused to use caps at the begining of sentences and added them wherever he felt enphasis was needed)

dali, frida, cortazar – i speak of these obsessions in detail in other posts and throughout my work because i feel seen and understood when i think of other humans who also were completely functionally insane in the most sane way. theres so many of us, i wish social media helped me connect with the others like it was intented to. but maybe this is best, so we get to connect more in real life once again.

hey thanks, youve made it this far. in case no one told u today, you are loved, hope you enjoy the art below.



Untitled for now (usually I name some art 2-6 months after creation) unsure why, but this is how it happens


Drew this while experiencing a lot of emotions about career, art, self, what it means to be productive. I felt overwhelmed with thinking, so as always, cathartic visual expression helps. I realize its taken me 30 years to unlearn what I was taught about art. Feels so good being able to create from raw emotion again.

Woke Alien Baby

Draw this while on the phone with an old friend. we had not spoken in about 4 years, we concluded this might be a representation of her future born woke alien baby. (alien as a compliment, if you have seen my other works, i draw a lot of beings, alients, spirits, representations of souls in many forms)

Alchemy Cafe, Ubud, Bali

sitting at one of my favorite food spots in ubud called Alchemy, I go there to draw often.

Broken Reflection

Drew this during one of our many miss-understandings, miss-communicatings in the beautifiul conscious elevationship im in at the moment. 

we are definitely reflections and often trigger one another to highlight shadow parts of our selves we need to heal. its hard at times but always worth it, although could do with less triggering and more learning, i think we are getting there. Thank god, the universal forces and all creatures that we have art for self-expression and healing.

felt so much lighter and seen and at ease after putting my emotions into papaer and out of my chest. 

I think these are my ribs / lungs

so much fun letting intuition create through me, then blink my eyes and see in front of me a gift that explains to me my brain universe, my heart galaxies, its fun every time.

Something Pretty

Sometimes i just wana draw something that is pretty and satisfying. this is one of my many airplane drawings, head full of thoughts, heart full of emotions, bodies time travelling and needing to create a space of peace in the midst of all the other faces. drawing, my sanctuary, my sanity.

Japanese butterfly women - working title

feels like a butterfly also two women about to take flight with their fairy wings in a garden, whatever emerged in this session releasing anxiety feels wonderful, gave me lightness of heart indeed, in a way this also looks like two human hearts.

this technique is that very sophisticated kindergarten “paint on one side fold and see what u get” ive added intention, mindfulness emotion, intentional movement of the hands transfering such emotion, and digital embelishment to slightly highlight some features. 

it gave me so much joy to make this. 

close up detail

detail of the petals/ leafs/wings

here is another sad drawing that felt great to get out of my heart

printing my emotions with my fingers on the paper, just like draining sadness through my nails. it looks sad, but it fealt great.

often i hear comments such as “why so depressing, you poetry your art so dark, why crying, why hatred” to that my answer is: because to clear it we must feel it fully, the only way out is through. thats why. often we see only half of the story, and then assume the rest.

i find freedom in getting dense or heavy energy out of my body in the form of dancing drawing etc, and at the end, when i look at these, these fckn sad drawings make me smile they remind me i can heal myself and find peace, create peace, through the tools of creativity that we all have.

Hey nature, i love you

I feel that dragonflies and birds and even moskitos are a representations of the collective and higher powers communicationg with us. Butterflies, moths, all these flying creatures, and of course the crawlers, spiders and geckos, all of them bring different messages for us, mostly to be present in the moment, to really notice our breath and surroundings. it can be a lot of fun to listen to the environment as a reflection of our inner consciousness, as well as a connection to the higher ones.

gracias por leer, thanks for your curiosity, you can find me on email 🙂 info@nanuberks.com

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