Buenas! These are some fun projects and activities I enjoy playing around with. The purpose of this page is to be as transparent as possible and share as much as I can with you in your curiosity. If you would like to further explore igniting your own creativity with me, I would be happy to set up to e-hang out or chat info@nanuberks.com


Rock it RAW was born out of community inspiration and high vibrations! Connecting with the vegan tribe at the Woodstock Fruit Festival changed my life. For the first time in a long time, I felt strong, healthy, and balanced. I found true sisterhood and friendships, and a sense of belonging returning to a family from ancient times. I came home wanting to share what I had learned.

Although I am not a raw vegan, I did feel great while exploring this kind of lifestyle. I am now mostly plant-based, and totally obsessed with “22-day experiment projects.” These begun for me around 2012, exploring different mind-optimization health plans. The concept for Rock it RAW was the perfect opportunity to play around with the idea of creating a company from scratch, something I had been wanting to do for a while. I gave myself 22 days to design a logo, name, copy, concept, brand strategy, social media channels, t-shirts, stickers, playshops, school curriculums, events with local organizations and even put together a team and a working website! It was a very fruitful experience.

Today I focus on consulting, branding, PR, public speaking, and a lot of writing! I love working with startups, and big corporations alike, and enjoy turning my meditation explorations into playshops and e-books.

I played piano for a year when I was 6, guitar lessons lasted about 4 months in primary school, I finally really connected with a drumset at 13, but still, I never called myself a musician. At 23 I found myself in Cuzco, Perú playing a djembe, and buying one the very next day. I busked on the street and traveled across the Americas with my small backpack, and my big drum for 3 years, and still, I wasn’t a musician. At 25 my bones were turned into windchimes in a near-death experience in Buenos Aires, doctors built my frame back up with German metal, my identity was pixelated and my creativity saved me.

Today at 27 I am music, skipped right over being a musician, I invent and spin words around, freestyling from a place of love. I’m at peace with art, in all of its forms, for the first time, I am free from wanting to be. Headed into 28, with harmonicas in every pocket, drums all over the house, strings, and songs, and healing conscious rap, when inspiration comes, I record on my phone, often with friends, and upload it to SoundCloud because I want to listen to the hidden mantras, the poetic mistakes, tea being poured in the background, and emotion, in full evolution. 1.618 tapping into the collective source of inspiration. To feel, express, and share, with no creative reservations.