here are some weird dark pieces I’m working on
what do these make you feel? what do these say about blockchain adoption?


these pieces of letters in the skull are from a book i found on the street called “genius” all objects are found objects around town and recycled pieces


this is my 2nd rare Pepe, the first one has not been officially released yet, i guess this one has not either, but they are up for auction 🙂 whoever gets this sold is welcome to take 10% i am looking to collab with others who might enjoy placing pieces up for auction

  • some rare pepes have gone for 108 eth.. i heard about 65 hundred fiat!? could that be right.. so far i have sold pieces for a good amount all word of mouth, i envision a collective of artists that support each other in many ways, were we can be each others agents and advocates, where if you place a piece for me in auction and take 10% or 20 or whatever based on the numbers, and then we collab on a mural and we both up our rep and our wallets