Bye Bye Blockchain !?
Grandparents, Atari, and the bird on your window.
The ORIGINAL design you were coded with.

As an artist advocating for transcendental and human optimization tech, I get the opportunity to see many tech-art projects appear, evolve, and collapse before they even reach the market. Many variables can determine projects that will be successful versus those that will not, yet one metric stands out across the board and this is intentions as team dynamics, which translates tangibly into the “energy frequency” the brand and the behind the scenes literally irradiates into the world around us.

This is the “people will forget what you said and what you did but never how you made them feel” experience. – some well known proverb you’ve heard before

This frequency of intention that then reaches others and the market, will make or break the success, not the product, or the idea. This is why some artists with mediocre talent reach all time highs and others with extreme technique and soul never get to be seen, it all comes down to self-worth, which leads to motivation, to act on preparation, to meet opportunity.

“Success is preparation meets opportunity.” – another quote you know that we can all google

Applying this lens to any business outside of “art” makes sense also, but why would we, if after all, everything is creationship, creative intention, and execution.

“All thoughts and ideas are creativity based.” – common sense
“Creativity is more important than knowledge.” – You absolutely know who said this one.

Yes, many artists or successful – enter your choice here – seem to make it and thrive even through malicious patterns or intentions, – our current president, any dictator, horrible massacres – however all makes it to a full circle eventually, many artists lose their identity, compromise their brand, lose their “voice” or profits, and have to start over from a place that is more difficult than having nothing, from a place of having had the momentary “illusion of everything” and now having to start over, checking their intentions and actions and how they reverberate in the world, considering the ultimate epic circle we all know, death and rebirth, or death and transcendence.

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Beyond individual motivation and power, you know we are all connected as one big blob of energy feeding and molding one another into this ecosystems that we will either learn to work with, or turn into another ice age that will exterminate humans from the game of life, after failing to comply to basic nature rules of “let’s all have the same goal in common acting from innate love, compassion and peace”

The intrinsic connectivity we all are, is what explains to me horrible suffering and pain on earth, the needing of one another as reflections to reach universal consciousness alignment.

This does not clarify or state that life is fair, or that people deserve pain, but that we are not these bodies, thoughts, or identities, rather we are the awareness of such, which allows for our avatars on earth to use their intentions and actions as calibration for the larger collective vibration of peace. This, then, explains to me, our current president, massacre, pain, and so on, hyper contrast mirrors for us to collectively get the message: “time to get back to balance in all things, starting with oneself, the inner self, the doorway to everything that is, which in turn destroys the self, and reminds us of the uncontained free vibration of love ” – the universe


Radical Responsibility is a term that directly relates to the above “intention as team dynamics” if I am not responsible for getting enough sleep and food or processing my anger, or fear, and show up to my work in a bad mood, perpetuating that vibration through the office, this is my lack of radical responsibility affecting the team dynamics. So can we trust each person to get it together for themselves as we collaborate on these projects? Hopefully sharing info, blogs, or whatever your divinely inspired art is, we can continue towards the yes.

I believe our “callings” or purpose on earth is a realization to let “spirit” “god” or the remembering of our “awareness” shape us into the most successful version of ourselves, which aligns with the bigger mission of collective peace. In this way, it doesn’t matter if I become a visual artists, a dj, or a doctor, I can flow with life and opportunities, following my dedication, preparing, or taking action in the direction of tasks that I enjoy, which lead me to being the most aware, compassionate, and loving version of myself.

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This representation of my truest self, which shines a lot like happiness to most, allows me to have enough peace, resources, joy, and energy, to be kind in my daily interactions, to take radical responsibility, and to check my intentions, in creationship with the world.

Ultimately, I do believe “we ARt, we are all ART, in our own creative expressions, regardless of what we are doing.” – the avatar you know as Nanu Berks, which is a tiny piece of the collective consciousness reflection in this moment

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 7.30.39 PM.png

Advocating for art we can play with, touch and wear is what I enjoy highlighting in the world, art as fun, art as life, in all of its weird nature blending with future tech. Art eyes and heart eyes that allow me to see everything as a beautiful work in progress that doesn’t necessarily need completion to be useful. Relationships as art, always changing and evolving based on our experiences, moods, feelings, light reflection, and smells in the air triggering memories.

But we are here talking about blockchain right.. Well blockchain as another representation and concrete example of our collective directional evolution.

Personally in the blockchain art link, my intention into action is designing art wearables, paintings, community murals and installations that interact with you in ways that help you contribute to the healing of our environment, reminding others and ourselves of our creative nature, and experimenting with new tech that helps us decentralize power, allowing all of us creatives to get credit, make a living, feel appreciated and connected for our work, our expression of creative life force, in a way that makes sense to everyone involved, including nature!

blockchain fashion collection will soon b registered on the chain all limited edition high-fashion Wearables with their own NFC chips 🙌✨🎨

this is a 3-story crypto art mural collab with Uloang in the center of Austin’s startup world – to continue conversations beyond the screens into our communities – this one was co-created with The Swarm Fund and will continue to evolve into VR AR-enabled collab projects – contact me if interested, it is also another step into teaching one another how to collectively appreciate and appropriately credit artists for their works with qr codes, blockchain, and cryptos. –

We have better tech, but if WE are not better, the tech won’t matter, we need to check ourselves and each other, in our intentions actions and decisions, not blame the technology, or judge each other! that is an easy way out. Let’s be better, kindly remind one another of our blind spots and enjoy even our difficult reflectionships, being grateful that they show us those wounded parts of ourselves that we can heal moving away from fear into a love heart center.

Blockchain ain’t goin nowhere, this tech is wonderful and it is a natural progression of our reality 3d printing here now, however we can cause a lot of pain and waste a lot of time and resources and repel the very community we are trying to include if we run on excitement and fantasy motivated by fear, often seen as greed, if we intend on creating better solutions but fall short on our words and promises, change our actions last minute, to save ourselves or a company, because of bad planning, this is not “working on oneself first” this is acting too fast out of fear of competition and reacting to cover our asses.

Acting radically responsibility for oneself, happens doing less, having more time to feel more, to intend and then slowly flow forward in a feminine masculine balanced way. Creating time to re-adjust and align if necessary, always checking our original intentions, even seeing if those are still relevant, or if perhaps a bigger one encompasses the one we have boxed ourselves into.

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Of course we need to consider the flow we are in also, and since it is a very fast one, fast solutions are also needed now to recalibrate in this transitioning balance from the hyper masculine to the more feminine and merging both into the all-encompassing spectrum of love, so yes, to all of your “but, if, and then, and what if we did or did not” this is just one more version of creative expression, reflecting the truth you already are, in all of its multidimensional facets, including all of the parallel universe theories from your favorite brainiacs and intuitives.

After all that, now what? This is what I can offer as solutions right now:

All Blockchain everything needs to slow down and become more transparent to efficiently keep one another accountable in calibrating intentions, actions, and results. My favorite project that any company can literally start using right now is they also have a magical thing called glass, all non-profits, banks, startups, and big businesses could be using this to hold one another accountable on how we use our intention, which is energy, turned to power, often money, running the world.. Fiat, crypto, magic money, whatever we call it at any particular time.

All of us also need to slow down, or at least can benefit from slowing down and getting back in touch with our own unique creative super powers, to motivate, heal, create, become, come back to, Love. There are many outlets avenues and helpers in this field, I am one of them and would love to help you, your team, your project, these are the flow-shops I offer that you can disrupt old patterns with right now and get back into your most fantastical freed-OM magic to refuel your mission and recharge those around you by example, by stepping away from the rat-race hedonic momentary happiness that leaves us wanting more of something different always, and by standing in your balanced joy, your never ending source of truth, love, support and creative life force you were designed with. Experience the portals at

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Thank you for reading, if it resonates in any way please share, and please reach out if I can help, or if you just wana connect.

Saludos, and you know you Ar.T