Pretty Nightmares

Reconnecting with my raw-art expression by sketching my deepest trauma has been.. interesting, to say the least.

Some drawings are horrifying, like some below, others are “pretty and neat” versions, outlines of the insanity that goes on in my subconscious.

This one in particular is a representation of some of the nightmares and fears that were imprinted in my consciousness from ages 0-6 years old. (These recently surfaced with the help of conscious spiritual work with the intention to clear them)

Here you can see also images of intergenerational trauma and present “this-body now” pain as well.. just pure joy trully 🙂

Really though, yes, I feel pure joy once this abstraction of paralyzing fear goes from scary untamable subconscious, to pure conscious art expression. 

Somos La Luna

Started this one at a cafe with a blue pen, finished it at pyramids of chi a few days later, while waiting for one of the most fun sound-healing experiences I have had yet. 

the second half is drawn with a slightly lighter blue pen, and the feel it ends up with gives it a bit of depth that I really enjoy.

Casa Toxica

Baloons of creepy faces going right through a child version of me.

This is about home violence, living in a constat state of survival and growing up with the imprint of fear, scarcity, sadness and anxiety. All which I am now clearing, and it feels mafgnificent!

I am always siurpriced at the representations that emerge after I sit with intention for a moment. 

Feeling so grateful for access to creative expression <3


Reclaiming freedom in mural work

For a while now i’ve wanted to paint a big mural in simple clean lines in two tones. After the above happened by poetic mistake, I tried this technique with more intention and really enjoyed it. 

While I have painted many murals all over the globe, it has been years since I’ve painted one in this sketch style (made one in bali very tiny by a waterfall)

looking forward to the next big expression of free flow mural in this style.

I realize I am one of those annoying artists to work with that needs complete freedom and that won’t provide a sketch, and that insists in “this will be better the more freedom i have and if you don’t like it i will paint it over” -grateful to have had to paint over zero to date 🙂

I really believe  that inspiration comes from the collective and that i get to download it with a splash of my own creativity.

if i set an intention to paint a mural about “love” or “a person” or a topic, then that is what will come through, regardless of my conscious plans to pain what my thoughts think of the subject.

it was not always like this, well yes at the begining, however the more i worked as a paid murallist, the more i lost this skill. people wanted sketches and rois and results pre-work, and this makes a ton of sense at the biz level, but zero sense for the creative process. for mine anyway.

i’ve met many artists who love creating a sketch, even digital ones, and projecting them onto walls and painting them, this has been fun when ive played around with it also, however my best work is always driven by instinct, intuition and raw inspiration. and honestly its the only way i want to create.

i have stopped taking comissions and this feels really amazing! i will co envision a theme with a collector, i will show similar sketches of work i have made in the past, however once the advance is paid in full (50% up front) there is no more directions to be given, and thankfully, results so far have made happy artists and happy collectors.




This one gives me joy. Drew it once my partner and I were arguing and I felt very much like my alien self unable to communicate in human ways.

every missunderstanding i have with others is always a reflection of my own triggers so a quick drawing centers me right back.

El Ojo que nos Guia

The intention here was “to further trust source, god, goddess, spirit, truth, path, intuition, and to feel the guidance of the all knowing”

also drawn at pyramids of chi while waiting for sound healing.

i often feel the urge to gift these drawings to people who need them. sometimes a sketch from a stranger is the smile or the wtf or why moment we need.

i have gifted several in subways, coffee shops, sidewalks, and its always a great joyful experience.

sometimes i also offer to pull an oracle card at random for a person near by and its always a wonderful moment as well.

this pay it forward or sharing light and joy can be as simple as these acts, free of monetary transactions. there are so many ways in which we can gift and share hope and happiness with others in our day to day life.

this one in particular kept switching to whom it wanted to be gifted to. at first i thought it was for this one woman in our group, then as the sound-healing goddess from last session walked by, i wondered if it was for her, then as the sound-healing instructor explained about he journey we were embarking on soon, i wondered if it was for him.

i was unable to make a clear intuitive decision at that moment because too much of it was thought driven, so i kept it, and happy to see whom it will go to at last. 

i am learning to make less decisions out of thoughts and wait for clarity to keep acting on my intuition. 

Some pretty spa/cafe/hotel we came across while house searching

Here is a picture of me feeling great at one of our mini roadtrip explorations through the island.

thanks for your curiosity, much love,

gracias x tu curiosidad, saludos,


if youd like prints of any of these email me and ill make them for you some are already in my store 


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