(clues for the EOS Treasure Hunt at the end of article if you’d like to skip ahead)

One of the things I love most about online art communities is how playful things can get.

In a world where art has become often elitist corrupted and honestly boring, it is very refreshing to see drawings, paintings, online gaming, and real life friendship, merging into an epic concoction of madness in the best sense of the word.

After investigating, exploring, advising, and playing with just about every art platform and app out there, sharing art with the pixeos community is currently my favorite.

(website: also find the artist community on telegram and contests announced on twitter @eos_pix that I often re-share from @nanuberks )

The team behind this platform is made up of artists! this is epic for so many reasons, mostly because they understand what its like to be an artists, our needs, and have our best interest in mind truly.

Yes you can trade and tokenize and register and collect and play with and monetize your art here, but the main point is honestly bringing gaming and art together in a way that fosters true community and joyful play, while re-defining value.

(If you know my work at all you know my obsession with re-defining value and why I advocate for planet positive tech. If you don’t and want to know more, see my blog, youtube videos, or instagram)

In a time where algorithms are as much of an art tool as paint brushes, wether we like it or not, we are going to continue to implement different aspects of tech into our creative expressions. With time, it simply becomes the norm.

Photographs and other art pieces now have online photo books like instagram and  pinterest, and using filters or apps to slap on a quick new look on a drawing has become second nature for most creatives that might not generally think of themselves as digital artists.

I know this because I had a lot of resistance to digital art for a while. I believed so much in the meditative act of being immersed into your craft with your hands and away from screens and electricity, that I refused to accept art made in a screen as the same type of healing art I was used to, even if I respected and enjoyed animation and digital art, at least for me it was not the same. And yes to me, still, nothing replaces the act of pure paint to paper, however I was under the impression that one could shadow the other and this is simply not true.

Once I embraced all techniques and all tools as beneficial to bring forth the vision my soul wanted to materialize, something amazing happened!


that’s right, I now had access to quick edits with new tools that didn’t require printing or re-making, I could use my phone for mockups and processing and trying and messing up with little repercussions, as online files can be copied and deleted quick enough, and my main medium is still paint to paper or paint to wall or whatever I want it to be.

This piece you see above is one of my favorite RARE (rare digital asset) and real-digi mix ive made so far, and it also seems to resonate with a lot of people out there as this one was elected to encrypt the keys for this latest pixeos contest.

I believe it resonates with people because it was so much fun to make it. Art, like everything else carries an imprint of the energy we make it with. This is why some quick genuine posts get endless shares and some highly technical art gets buried under a sea of images that makes almost no impact. 

This is why art is so ephemeral at times as it reflects the cultural interests and current obsessions of our societies, this is why memes have taken over, we love things that are funny and true and relevant at this very moment in time.

We are oversaturated and tired of cookie-cutter pretty and typical social media posts that seems to clone each other like bots for profit, we love vulnerability and raw emotion and real people’s stories and experiences. 

This piece to me represents so much of the above mentioned. I spent years trying to learn how to paint and draw realistically, it was great learning and challenging skill polishing, and once I was able to paint those portraits and land those commissions and those murals, I was soulless. It was a very humbling experience to lose my inspiration to my new skills and have enough tools in my tool-belt to still be able to work as a full time artist, and realize that it made me unhappy and that it was completely unsustainable. 

So many artists want to “make it” faster bigger better, but if we lose our true motivation, the fun the joy the healing process of expressing, this carries forward also, and eventually crashes what is being built.

I feels so grateful to have realized this early on, and pivoted at the right time, I feel grateful for deciding to take another leap of wild faith and with all the courage I could gather say ” My art is what I want it to be, it is not what sells, it is not what pays me to live this lifestyle, it is whatever my true expression of the moment is, for my own healing, and in turn, in reflection, the healing of the collective” 

The response from the environment the universe, the flow, the serendipity has been a dream come true. 

What a great lesson to create from the mind and push too hard only to realize that we get everything we want once we relax into the softness of being.

I am now working on undoing a lot of my learning, so I can recover the joy in my art work, it has been coming through a lot more in drawings and small paintings, and I am so excited for when I get to paint my next intuitive mural, letting all the silly constructions of what I thought was “good art” fly away. 

This piece is a combination of “compulsive drawing” my most favorite technique of all times, basically a precise center with a lot of detail surrounded by an energetic dance of lines that is purely intuitive, all hand drawn, here is a timelapse, painted on my computer, adding details from my phone and made into a full expression of art for fun.

Thank you for reading and for your genuine curiosity, thank you for taking an interest in art and for developing your own creativity however it feels good.

This piece might also become a shirt, phone cover, leggings or other upon request, feel free to see other street art wear in the art store and request what you’d like me to make next.


– find the eos key bits in this drawing with this clue below – 

EOS Treasure Hunt is going on all over the EOS ecosystem. The clues that are given by different EOS projects are the digits to a private key and the position of that digit. The account that contains the treasure is named thesecretkey. See it on
The account value continues to grow as more projects add their tokens to it. Who knows how much it will be worth by the end of the EOS Treasure Hunt?


The first number has two digits and it is split into two.

The first digit it the “i” in magic

The second digit is the left side of the roman clock

The letter you are looking for is the boldest of the spirals, keep in mind bold is not always big. In this case bold is the opposite of big.

You are looking for a number under 20, and a letter from the first 5 letters of the alphabet.